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What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?


Practically next door to The Pour House, you'll find 903 Boylston Street, the location of Lir. You'll be intrigued with Lir from the second you walk by and see the giant spiral staircase through the bar's front windows. An authentic Irish pub, Lir is equally popular with the after work crowd as it is with the college crowd. If you have a preference of who you'd like to hang with, head to the middle or top floor for cozy, more up-scale bar rooms, or go down to the basement to dance with the college crowd. The bar has 16 beers on tap, but if you're not sick of martinis yet, try the to die for mint chocolate chip martini.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?


Continue on Mass. Ave. and take a left onto Boylston. At the next block, take a right onto Dalton Street. Bukowski's Tavern is located at 50 Dalton Street. Serving more than 100 kinds of beer, Bukowski's laid back atmosphere is a nice change from Match's posh martini scene. This hole-in-the-wall tavern is named after the famous author and poet (and drinker,) Charles Bukowski. For something a little different, order a beer from the tavern's vintage beer list. If the mini-burgers didn't fill you up at Match, you can order a full-sized one here. The tavern serves food until 1:30 a.m.

What is a good restaurant in Boston's Back Bay?

Cottonwood Cafe

This restaurant claims to be based on the "American Southwest. Founded on Indian Legend. Cultivated through Spanish tradition. Captured by the American Frontier..." But most would probably refer to it as upscale Southwestern food with a twist. The appetizer quesadilla is filled with crabmeat and brie cheese and the snakebites are fried jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and jack cheese. The Cottonwood Cafe is much more up-class than the standard Southwestern restaurant so you won't find an entree menu filled with tacos and burritos. But you will find dishes such as Seafood Paella, Enchiladas Verdes, and Rocky Mountain Lamb Chops. For dessert, be sure to indulge in the chocolate nachos- white and dark chocolate mousses served with chocolate-dipped butter cookies. Dinner entrees range from about $13-$19 The Cottonwood Cafe is located at 22 Berkeley St. in Boston's Back Bay.


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If you dream of being a star, head to Newbury Street and don't blink, or might miss the latest celebrity sighting. Get a table at the Armani Cafe or Sonsie and watch the high profile world of fashion and decadence stroll by you while you sip on bellini or chilled glass of chardonnay.
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What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Pour House

Take a few more steps on Boylston and you'll arrive at The Pour House located at number 909. Finally, a place with some cheap drinks. You'll probably find a lot of young, poor college students here and while the establishment is nothing to write home about, the atmosphere is fun. If you're still hungry, The Pour House offers specials on their menu items almost every night. In fact, you'll probably want to come back the next morning to feed your hangover with some nice greasy bacon and eggs or a specialty burger.

What's a good restaurant in Boston's Theater District?

P.F. Changs

P.F. Changs may be a chain, but you wouldn't know it from the dining experience. The menu is extensive, however, you must order the chicken and lettuce wrap appetizer. A quick glance around will cause you to realize that pretty much everyone in the restaurant is ordering them. You can order your own entree dish, but will have the opportunity to try more by ordering family style with your table. While the food is not exactly authentic Chinese and has a definite American twist on it, the always crowded dining room is a sign that the food is satisfying. Also be sure to try the Mongolian beef and the tropical green tea. P.F. Changs is located at 8 Park Plaza in Boston's Theater District.

What's a good restaurant in Boston's South End?

Sibling Rivalry

What a unique, fun concept. David and Bob Kinkeed are brothers and chefs at the South End restaurant, Sibling Rivalry, and the two brothers aave a nightly battle with one another. The menu is set up so that each chef creates a dish with a common (though sometimes minor) ingredient. While the menu can be slightly confusing, waitstaff are more than happy to help you sort everything out. Good choices include Bob's succulent pumpkin ravioli with pancetta and David's tuna tartar on warm sushi rice. Entrees are generally priced under $30. Sibling Rivalry is located at 525 Tremont Street in Boston's South End.

What's a good restaurant in Boston's Theater District?


Okay, so you might not get a traditional meal at Finale, but who needs meat and potatoes when you can have chocolate cake? Finale prides itself on its artistically plated desserts made with the finest ingredients and prepared in the center of the dining room under overhead mirrors. If you must have a well-rounded meal, Finale does offer a light menu featuring dishes such as an artichoke salad and white pizza. But under no circumstances can you leave without dessert. If you're on a date, you must order the Temptation for Two which includes the molten chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut pyramid, dark chocolate decadence, nougat mousse in a white chocolate florentine cup, assorted mini cookies, and a miniature cup of milk for dipping. Did I mention, you won't need meat and potatoes? Finale is the perfect place to go after the theater or any time you get a sweet craving. Finale is located at One Columbus Avenue in Boston's Theater District.

Where to go shoe shopping in Boston?

Feet...Keep Shopping!

The acronym for the store DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse) should indicate to shoppers that the Downtown Crossing venue is Boston's best bet for buying cheaper footwear fare. Nearby Macy*s and Marshalls, which also offer shoe shopping opportunities, certainly have the name recognition factor in their favor.

Yet for those looking for a really special style of sandals or the latest in loafer looks, you footwear fashionista should check out the following shoe stores in the Boston area:

- Beacon Hill boutique Moxie carries designer shoes from beautifully beaded Rafe flats to sky-high, Nicole Miller stilettos. Moxie may have the market on shopping in Boston for hip and trendy footwear, but remember these high fashion shoes also mean higher prices.

- Thom Brown for shoe shoppers on Newbury Street combines cutting-edge style at slashed costs when compared to other Boston area footwear boutiques. Hot labels in the footwear fashion world all can be found at Thom Brown, including Chinese Laundry, Kenneth Cole and Two Lips. Whether you're looking for a brand-new boots, shoes to wear to work or funky flip-flops for the beach, Thom Brown in Boston has a wide variety of shoe styles for any season and any occasion.

- Cambridge certainly has its fair share of shoe shopping spots. Tannery has on sale popular shoe brands including Asics, Uggs and Lacoste. Those seeking more cutting-edge footwear fashion should check out the contemporary styles at the Tess & Carlos boutique.

- Don't worry guys! We haven't forgotten about you. George Davis Mens Shoe store in Boston and Milton's upscale location in Chestnut Hill have guys going shopping for footwear fully covered.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Armani Cafe

When you leave the Prudential Center, walk two more blocks and then turn left onto Dartmouth Street. Walk two more blocks and take another Left onto Newbury Street. You'll have to make a stop at number 214 Newbury Street, the Armani Cafe, if only to say you've been there. Or even better, to be seen there. Maybe you can't afford to buy Armani clothing, but surely you can afford just one of their cafe's slightly over-priced drinks. It's highly fashionable to be seen standing in the cafe and holding a Lemon-drop or milk chocolate martini or other Italian inspired drinks. This super trendy bar on Newbury Street is definitely the place to be seen so be sure to stand at their outdoor terrace if the weather's nice.

What's a good restaurant in Boston's Back Bay?

Stephanie's on Newbury

Stephanie's on Newbury boasts three warmed by fireplace indoor dining rooms, but if you are coming in warmer weather, you should definitely sit in their outdoor sidewalk cafe. Besides the delicious comfort food, you will have the pleasure of people watching on Newbury Street. The menu is extensive and offers everything from rich, hearty comfort food to an extensive list of salads. If possible, come to Stephanie's for Sunday brunch. The eggs benedict is out of this world. Dinner entrees range from about $12-$25. Stephanie's is located at 190 Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay.

Where should I shop on Newbury Street?

Boston shopping hot zone: Newbury Street

Newbury Street in Boston is comparable to an outdoor mall, only a lot classier. Nestled inside the classic brownstones of Boston, you'll find popular clothing chains including Gap, FCUK and American Eagle Outfitters along with stores for almost every major retail clothing chain in the country.

Yet Newbury Street is also home to many of the more unique shops and designer fashion finds in Boston. Studded chokers and polyester button-down shirt are all the rave at the alternative Allston Beat, while Calypso offers clothes in every color in the rainbow and more. Earth lovers and tree huggers meanwhile should head over to Hempest, known on Newbury Street as L.L. Bean for real nature lovers.

Yet in between the brand-name stores and high-end boutiques on Newbury Street are hidden buried treasures. Have fun with the hats at Matsu or shopping for CDs to cheesy buttons at Newbury Comics. When you need a break from perusing at Patagonia or shopping for shoes at Skechers, Newbury Street has plentiful ice cream parlors, coffee shops and outdoor cafes where buyers can break to get a bite to eat.

With its mix of mainstream and unique shops as well as fast food to fine dining options, Newbury Street is a shopping destination in Boston not to be missed.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Daisy Buchanan's

For a cheaper, more laid-back Newbury Street experience, head over to the pub crawl's last stop at 240 Newbury Street. Daisy Buchanan's may be described as a dive bar by some, but is there really such a thing as a dive bar on Newbury Street? The basement level, dark bar actually gets a lot of Boston athletes so keep your eyes peeled. Red Sox players have been known to hang here after home games. Beer is much more reasonably priced than many other Back Bay bars. Daisy Buchanan's is a good place to end the night since the young crowd likes to stay right up until closing time.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Top of the Hub

Continue down Boylston to number 800 and you'll arrive at the Prudential Center. Go into the mall and follow the signs for the Top of the Hub. You'll take an elevator up to the 52nd bar and will no doubt feel far away from the pub crawl route. But, it will be worth it. Get a drink from the bar if you want (Once again, martinis are recommended) but then head right over to the windows to check out the view. Seeing the city lit up at night from the 52nd floor is something you'll never forget. Try to come back later in the week for an elegant, romantic dinner during the sunset.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?


Start your pub crawl at 94 Mass. Ave at Match. Match is an uber-trendy bar specializing in martinis and mini-burgers. One of the hottest newcomers on the Back Bay bar scene, the lines can get long on weekend nights so make this your first stop and come early. To fully appreciate this chic bar, you absolutely must start the night off with a martini. For a fun one, try the "Pop Culture" martini; the glass is rimmed with Pop Rocks.(remember the candy?) Because you'll be barhopping all night, you should also check out this bar's selection of mini-burgers. Burgers can be made with the obvious beef but are also prepared with lamb, tuna, and lobster.

Where do guys shop in Boston?

For when the guys go shopping

Boston offers its boys a wide variety of clothing choices whether you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, prefer the preppie look or would just rather go goth. Hoodies and baggy pants are remixed with a hip-hop style at Hip-Zepi in Downtown Crossing. At the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, Alan Bilzerian and Ermenegildo Zegna have both opened high fashion boutiques on Newbury Street. Those who like to “pop their collar” should shop at the double Js: J. Crew and its classier counterpart, J. Press. Thomas Pink in Copley and Brooks Brothers in Back Bay are also popular with preppies and sophisticated, male shoppers. Finally, for those boys in Boston who rock the black, Hubba Hubba in Cambridge is the place to buy gothic and alternative attire.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?


When you leave Bukowski's, just come back up Dalton until you reach Boylston Street. Dillon's is at 955 Boylston. Back to the upscale, Dillon's is known as one of the area's most fashionable bars. If the weather's nice, be sure to go outside to the sunken patio. While the ambiance in the bar is extremely pleasant, and the drink list long, drinks are expensive, so you'll probably only want to stay for one.

Where do I find a designer purse in Boston?

Purchase the perfect purse

Boston stores offer clutches, bags, and pocketbooks enough to match with every outfit in even Paris Hilton's wardrobe. In Copley, Coach and Burberry satisfy those shopping for designer purses. Newbury Street boutiques Guess and Kate Spade sell stylish purses as well for those with a passion for designer fashion. If you want a truly unique handbag however, get one custom-made at Lill Studio also on Newbury Street. Over at T.J. Max and DSW in Downtown Crossing, stylish purses are sold at more reasonable prices. For those at any shopping budget, hunting for a handbag in the Hub has never been so easy.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?


Only a few doors down from Lir is 885 Boylston Street and Whiskey's Food & Spirits. Whiskey's is a lively bar usually filled with a younger, college crowd. While the bar can get a bit overly crowded and may feel like a packed high school hallway at times, it's a great place for singles to meet considering the virtually equal guy/girl ratio. There's never a cover charge and if there's a line, it usually moves quickly. Whiskey's also boasts a great "pub grub" menu including 10 cent wings Sundays through Thursdays from 4-11 p.m.

What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Cactus Club

Walk down Boylston Street a few paces and you'll come 939 Boylston Street: The Cactus Club. This bar and restaurant can usually be found on any list of places offering the best margaritas in Boston. The bar actually offers more than 20 types of tequila, so you may need to ask the bartender for some help when making your selection. Lots of twenty- and thirty-somethings come here to dine and drink after work but many just come for the bar as well. If you enjoy this stop, you might want to come back Wednesday nights for "Margaritas and Massages," Sunday nights for the all you can eat tacos, or Tuesday nights for "build your own margaritas."

Where can I find designer fashion in Boston?

Designer duds

High fashion is definitely on the rise in the Hub with upscale department stores like Saks, and now Barneys, establishing Boston locations. However if your style tastes tend toward the smaller shops and specialty boutiques, head on over to Newbury Street in the Back Bay region of Boston. Intermix, just one of the many boutiques on Newbury Street, is a paradise for the young fashionista with its offerings of designer clothing and jewelry from the lines of the much-sought after Matthew Williamson and Sigerson Morrison.

Look no further for European fashion designs on Newbury Street than the Chanel Boutique and Giorgio Armani while the cutting edge couture of Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson can be found in nearby Copley. Stop by Louis Vuitton to complete your runway look with a designer handbag or purse.

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