Boston shopping hot zone: Newbury Street

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Where should I shop on Newbury Street?

Boston shopping hot zone: Newbury Street

Newbury Street in Boston is comparable to an outdoor mall, only a lot classier. Nestled inside the classic brownstones of Boston, you'll find popular clothing chains including Gap, FCUK and American Eagle Outfitters along with stores for almost every major retail clothing chain in the country.

Yet Newbury Street is also home to many of the more unique shops and designer fashion finds in Boston. Studded chokers and polyester button-down shirt are all the rave at the alternative Allston Beat, while Calypso offers clothes in every color in the rainbow and more. Earth lovers and tree huggers meanwhile should head over to Hempest, known on Newbury Street as L.L. Bean for real nature lovers.

Yet in between the brand-name stores and high-end boutiques on Newbury Street are hidden buried treasures. Have fun with the hats at Matsu or shopping for CDs to cheesy buttons at Newbury Comics. When you need a break from perusing at Patagonia or shopping for shoes at Skechers, Newbury Street has plentiful ice cream parlors, coffee shops and outdoor cafes where buyers can break to get a bite to eat.

With its mix of mainstream and unique shops as well as fast food to fine dining options, Newbury Street is a shopping destination in Boston not to be missed.



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