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Four Seasons Hotel: Sargent

Few things say luxury quite like the Four Seasons Hotel. Overlooking Boston's Public Garden, visitors to the Four Seasons have the lavishness and extravagance of Boston's finest stores and restaurants at their fingertips. Sargent, concierge at the Four Seasons Boston Hotel, recommends the following Boston restaurants:

1) Scollay Square, 21 Beacon Street, Boston
"This is a great dining option in the city. It is a casual but delicious. The decor pays homage to an old lost neighborhood of Boston. The images of famed dancers are reflected into the fantastic architectural mirrors above the bar the open kitchen adds excitement to the room. My favorite entree is the pan seared scallops, which are served with a crab and risotto cake and spinach. Be sure to check out the lobster macaroni and cheese - every mouthful is delicious."

2. Skipjacks, 199 Clarendon Street, Boston
"A fantastic Asian influenced fish house with a casual nautical atmosphere. The blue and turquoise colored glass dividers and mosaic tile work give it that waterside feel. The Wasabi Crusted salmon is wonderful and my favorite - the ginger soy glazed and oven steamed sea bass - is amazing. Sushi is available too. The kids will love their Kids Menu item's in 3D. The Sunday Brunch with live jazz is fun and easy with a good mix of breakfast and seafood entrees."

3. Davio's, 75 Arlington Street, Boston
"An Italian favorite for wonderful northern style paired with great steaks and chops. The welcoming lounge and chef's table are two features worth mentioning. The lounge has comfortable sofas and chairs and a living room type atmosphere. The Chef's Table is great for a single diner or diners with an interest in the culinary arts as this table is just in front of their kitchen and their many talented chefs create their dishes just in front of you. Favorites at Davio's are the crispy chicken livers appetizer, the butternut squash ravioli and hand rolled potato gnocchi."


The Fairmont Copley Plaza: Jim Carey

In the center of Boston's Back Bay stands the Fairmont Copley Plaza, and waiting to greet visitors is Jim Carey, director of concierge. After years with the hotel, Carey recommends the following Boston hot spots for visitors:

1. The Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain
Particularly in spring and summer, the Arboretum is a great place to visit. Part of Frederick Law Olmstead's Emerald Necklace, this park is a really a hidden gem, most often frequented by locals. It is uncrowded and serene - the perfect getaway from the bustle of downtown. Look for the Arboretum's Lilac Days in May when the hundreds of Lilac trees from all over the world bloom.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Fenway
In the early 20th century Isabella Steward Gardner was something of a renegade - an art patron and independent thinker Mrs. Gardner built a Venetian Palazzo in Fenway to house her art collection, which since the founding of the museum has been displayed how she originally set it up. Masterpieces abound in each room and the interior courtyard garden is nothing short of stunning. Be sure to check out the small cases throughout the museum for some unique treasures.

3. Bova's, 134 Salem Street, North End - For night owls, this bakery offers Italian pastries, bread, sandwiches and pizza 24-hours per day. It's a great spot for a late night snack and exploring Boston's North End is always a favorite for visitors to the city.


Jury's Hotel: Richard Owen

Richard Owen is the head concierege at the Jury's Hotel, a high-profile Back Bay Hotel that meets the needs of everyone from CEOs to Boston travelers. Jury's commits to an Irish flare in its decorations, and that mantra isn't lost on Owen and his number one hot spot is "Cuffs", the hotel's Irish bar.

Owen also suggests the following Boston must-see tips:
- Ride the Swan Boats and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Boston Public Gardens.
- Take a trip to Fenway Park, even if the Red Sox aren't playing. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to a Red Sox game, enjoy the experience.
- Take a stroll down Newbury Street and have coffee at one of the streets various cafes, or a cocktail at one of the many bars. Newbury Street is most famous for people watching, so sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.


Onyx Hotel: Jamie Dimitri

Tucked in the heart of Boston's downtown area is the Onyx Hotel, probably most famous for Britney Spears' personally decorated room. But, the Onyx Hotel boasts more than celebrity linens. Jamie Dimitri, the Onyx Hotel's concierge manager, suggests visitors stop at these Boston hot spots when in town:

1. Luccas Restaurant, 226 Hanover Street, Boston's North End. "This is a great Italian restaurant," said Dimitri. Located on the busy main street of Boston's "Little Italy" Luccas is a great place to people watch.

2. 28 Degrees, One Appleton Street, Boston's South End. This new martini bar is "trendy and fun," said Dimitri. Relax on one of 28 Degrees' lush sofas and indulge yourself in one of the bar's signature martini's. After a long day of sightseeing, you deserve it!

3. Blackfin Chop House and Raw Bar, 116 Huntington Ave, Back Bay. This Back Bay restaurant offers surf and turf to all visitors, with a deep nautical feel.

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