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I've heard that the Globe Corner Bookstore closed down a few years ago. Do they plan to re-open?

Globe Corner Bookstore

The Globe Corner Bookstore added another page to its illustrious history with its re-opening in May, 2006 at its new location at 90 Mount Auburn Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

The Globe was established in 1829 as the Old Corner Bookstore at the corner of Washington and School Street where it housed the famed Ticknor and Fields publishing company. The company added "Globe" to its name when it began specializing in travel books. The store closed its downtown location in 1997 when it was driven out by high rents and declining in-town economic conditions.

In the new store, the Globe lives up to its reputation one of the best travel bookstores in North America. They stock a wide range of books and maps for the traveler - guides and literature as well as historic, topographic, road and hiking maps.

The Globe also sponsors the Adventure Travel Lecture Series, most of which are held at First Parish Church near Harvard Square. The lectures are free but reservations are recommended because these events fill up fast. The Globe is open daily and well worth a quick trip on the Red Line to get there. Telephone: 617-497-6277.

Where to shop at Faneuil Hall?

Boston shopping hot zone: Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Feel like getting a little history along with your purchases? One of the stops along the historic Freedom Trail of Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace today has become a prime shopping stop for tourists as well as longtime city residents. Beyond the long, food court corridor that feels reminiscent of an international culinary fair, those who frequent Faneuil Hall Marketplace can shop for shoes at Nine West, hunt for handbags at Coach or pass the time at Swatch. Exploring the toys at the Discovery Channel Store has become a favorite shopping pastime at Faneuil Hall Marketplace along with sniffing the scents at the Yankee Candle Company. Toward the back of the complex near American Eagle Outfitters and Brookstone, vendors have on sale everything from fruit smoothies to Boston clambake t-shirts. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is arguably Boston's best one-stop destination to eat and shop.

What are good Boston stores?

The Boston designers

Boston is the hub for many of the designers and stores unique to the New England region. Jasmine Sola seduces Boston fashionistas with their wide selection of designer jeans, stylish stilettos and elegant tops. Selling every item with sequins imaginable, Jasmine Sola is a hot spot to find clothes for the club or when you just want to treat yourself to something new and sexy.

The more upscale formalwear from local designer Daniela Corte includes dresses ranging in style from flirty, formal gowns to sophisticated sundresses. Louis Boston meanwhile attracts men with their designer suits while wooing women too with high fashion lines from Jil Sander, Betty's Room, Ieri e Domani and Apothecary cosmetic. Keep in mind at Louis Boston though that with designer clothes, you're paying designer prices. T-shirts at the store can start in the $100 price range.

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