Armani Cafe

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What bars should I go to on a Boston Back Bay pub crawl?

Armani Cafe

When you leave the Prudential Center, walk two more blocks and then turn left onto Dartmouth Street. Walk two more blocks and take another Left onto Newbury Street. You'll have to make a stop at number 214 Newbury Street, the Armani Cafe, if only to say you've been there. Or even better, to be seen there. Maybe you can't afford to buy Armani clothing, but surely you can afford just one of their cafe's slightly over-priced drinks. It's highly fashionable to be seen standing in the cafe and holding a Lemon-drop or milk chocolate martini or other Italian inspired drinks. This super trendy bar on Newbury Street is definitely the place to be seen so be sure to stand at their outdoor terrace if the weather's nice.



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