Christmas in the 1700s

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Christmas in the 1700s

By the 1700s, the strictly religious settlers in Massachusetts had done without 'silliness' like Christmas for over 100 years, and were quite content without it. Diaries and records from these times show December 25th being just another normal wintery day. While others in Europe might celebrate with pagan-inspired rituals, the Massachusetts settlers felt they had brought religion back to a pure state.



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jen said:


12/21/2007 8:19:21 AM
Tina said:

um..ok. so we know the day wa normal. anything else??....not that helpful.

12/9/2008 6:07:34 AM
ebenezer said:

i dont get what you are talking about

10/8/2009 11:27:36 AM
cole said:

i like fried chicken


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