How many people were aboard?

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How many people were aboard?

There were 102 passengers on the Mayflower. It's harder to determine exactly who was on the crew. There appear to be at least 12. There was a captain, four mates, a doctor, a carpenter, a gunner, a boatswain, a cook, and three quartermasters.



10/18/2006 1:01:51 PM
bananas said:

who was abourd the Mayflower on the way to Jamestown or the newland

5/16/2007 9:01:11 AM
riley said:

who was nathan hail

5/29/2007 1:45:46 PM
bbbbb said:

i dont knoow

9/15/2007 8:11:06 AM
Maybelline said:

How many poeple died in the Mayflower

10/9/2007 3:58:25 PM
anna said:

how many men, women, and children were there?

10/10/2007 2:19:18 PM
K said:

201 people on the may flower

11/9/2007 2:08:53 PM
camdec123 said:

when they came to the new land they settled in jamestown

12/10/2007 3:14:33 PM
christopher said:

was ther a shoemaker

12/17/2007 5:48:23 PM
Barkblade said:

thanx i needed to know how many people were on the mayflower now i know there was 102(are u sure it was only 102)

1/21/2009 6:52:35 PM
smarty pants said:

there were 102 ppl on the mayflower compact including children there were 111 ppl on the mayflower compact!!!!!!!!!!11

3/7/2009 10:24:17 AM
Trevor Thompson said:

One of my ancestors was aboard the Mayflower.


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