Boston shopping hot zone: Downtown Crossing

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Where should I shop in Downtown Crossing, Boston?

Boston shopping hot zone: Downtown Crossing

With the closing of its central store, Filene's Basement, the pedestrian shopping district of Downtown Crossing in Boston has found itself in a transition state. Yet with Nordstrom coming into to fill the department store vacancy and Macy*s still going strong, Downtown Crossing will continue to be the center for shopping in central Boston. This car-free square seduces shoppers with its array of recognizable restaurants and retail chains. Sing along at Strawberries, the five-floor, music megastar of Downtown Crossing, or take to time to smell the fragrances at Bath & Body Works. The Barnes & Noble bookstore remains popular with those looking for their next good read while H&M and Marshalls delights shoppers with their discount clothing. Those also hunting for a real bargain should stop at the numerous vendor carts peppered throughout Downtown Crossing where you can by Harvard sweatshirts or Red Sox baseball caps at half the store costs.



1/31/2007 3:34:49 PM
Cappy said:

Nordstroms is NOT coming to Downtown. The basement is leaving though. The vendor carts still rock with the best deals. Check out the knockoff handbags at unbelievable prices in front of Filene's across front the closed Barnes & Noble. Unique Boutique its called.


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