Pre- and post-Red Sox game

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Pre- and post-Red Sox game

Boston's Fenway neighborhood bars serve an influx of Red Sox fans from April to October every year. Stop by one of these bars if you're attending a game or just want to be close to the action.

- Game On! – Fenway's newest bar features plasma TVs everywhere you turn.
- Cask ‘n Flagon – This baseball season staple was renovated for the 2006 season.
- Boston Beer Works – Known for its specialty beers, such as blueberry beer and watermelon beer.
- Boston Billiards – Watch the game and play a game of pool.
- Eastern Standard – A more sophisticated option to sports bars. Try to snag a patio seat.
- Who's on First – Popular with the younger crowd.
- Tequila Rain – This dance club turns sports bar before Red Sox games.



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